5 Common Reasons Why Your Drains are Clogged

5 Common Reasons Why Your Drains are Clogged

Getting caught in a situation of clogged drains can be daunting since blocked drains are nasty. They not only bring a huge inconvenience to your door but has many negative impacts on your home’s plumbing system. Yes, they are disgusting, but what more? The worst thing to throw light on is they swarm with bacteria, breed pests, spread foul odour everywhere and can prevent water from passing out.

Imagine brushing your teeth early in the morning only to see the water being retained into the sink with all the lather. The sight seems soring! What could possibly be done? Even if you clean the pipes connecting the washbasin, would you be able to look into the hidden connection of steel and PVC pipes to clean them? No! You will ultimately have to call the plumbing service professionals to end the drama.

But first of all, you need to understand the root cause of your drains being clogged and blocked. The drains of your house are usually clogged because you do not clean them often. Where you maintain your floors, furniture and various other stuff, it is essential to include plumbing systems and electricals of your house too. If you do not maintain them, they will function improperly and cause further damage.

Here are the most common reasons that lead to clogging of your drains-

1) Hair blockage- Hair blockage usually occurs in the shower when the body hair falls off while you are cleaning yourself up. Hair strands can easily bind with other substances and form solid dirt that can stick to pipes, preventing water from flowing. It is easy to take hair out from the visible region of the pipe, but if it gets to the core, it can create a sheer nuisance.

2) Plants and dirt- Plants and soil can get into the gutters in the exterior of the house or when the rainwater reaches them through downspouts. Dead plants and rotten leaves can stagnate the water over the gutter which if ignored can be a breeding place to various insects, viruses and germs that can dig deep into your home’s foundation to weaken it.

3) Obstruction caused by grease build-up- Grease and fat can build up in the kitchen skin when you wash utensils. The fatty substances are a common cause of kitchen drain blockage. If you experience kitchen sink blockages frequently even after cleaning it, you must call the drain cleaning and snaking professionals before the pipeline gets fully jammed.

4) Blockage by toiletries- Many people have a bad habit of draining the used toiletry down the drains, and it can cause bigger issues. Toiletries when emerged in water, it soaks it and becomes enlarged that can clog the entire bathroom pipeline. Therefore, it is better to throw them in the bins and not down the flush.

5) Uncertain weather conditions- During rainy seasons, drains can experience floods of water that enters because of heavy rain and snow. However, drains are not built to pass the heavy water since the overloading can cause pipe bursts and damages or even clogs.


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