5 top ideas to present best cake boxes for your bakery products

5 top ideas to present best cake boxes for your bakery products

The cake boxes UK wholesale is the option through which you can buy bulk quantities of packaging in way less amount. The lower prices do not affect the quality of these boxes. The wholesale option provides the possibility where you can avail of these bulk quantity packages in customized shapes and sizes. Here are discussed some of the top ideas to make the best packaging boxes for the encasement of your bakery products.

Die-cut window packages

The die-cut window is the most trendy and amazing design of the cake boxes. It has gained popularity because it allows product visibility. There is a window on the packaging box that allows the audience to see the packed item.  As for the food business, the products must be packaged inside such boxes so that they can reveal the features of the scrumptious and irresistible bakery items through the window to the targeted audience. The window is covered with a high-quality transparent sheet and attached to the box with strong adhesives. This way, it prevents the entry of moisture, microbes as well as dirt and dust particles. So, the food items not only stay safe and secured for a longer period but that too in an amazing and attractive box.

Gable packaging boxes

To encase the bakery items like donuts, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, etc., then you should go for the packaging food boxes that can provide ease and convenience to its users. The gable boxes are one of their kinds which come with the attached handle. Due to this handle, the customers can easily hold and carry the packed products from one place to another without any difficulty. These boxes are highly demanded these days because of their distinctive designs. You can also make these boxes sturdier and water-resistant by opting for the finishing options. For example, the spot UV lamination is being used for this purpose which not only makes the packaging box water, moisture, and grease resistant but also gives an enticing and gleaming look to the package. Through such coatings, you can protect the food items from getting stale. 

Themed cake packages

With the help of the custom packaging option, you can create any unique and distinctive style of the box as per your idea. There are unlimited options through which you can make the packages attractive and beautiful. The manufacturer company of the boxes allows the opportunity where you can opt for any distinctive shape and design as well as custom printing on these boxes. For example, when these boxes are being used at the event, then you should go for a plain white packaging box and print them as per the requirement of the event. The graphical illustrations, as well as the product-related details, can also be displayed through the printing option. The printed graphical illustrations and the color through which the printing is being done should be done according to the demand of the event and as per the requirement of the packed bakery item.

Cake explosion boxes

There are designs available in the market through which you can make the best cake cardboard boxes. If you are still confused about the design and the style of the box, then you can also seek advice from professionals and experts of the manufacturer company. One of the designs that are relatively new yet making its mark on the audience is the explosion box. It comes with a base and a separate lid that is used to cover the package. When you remove the lid, the box opens in such a way that it reveals the packed items along with all the other decorative elements that are encased inside the box. These boxes can be easily manufactured by using cardboard or kraft materials which are strong and durable in nature. Other than this, you can easily customize the size and shape of the box according to your preferences.

Heart-shaped boxes

When you want to encase the food items inside the bakery boxes on some special occasion like Valentines, then you can easily go for the heart-shaped red colored packaging box. This box can be made with all of your desired features and aspects. For example, you can opt for the attached lid or can go for the separate lid on the box. These boxes are best appreciated on the valentines because of their shape and color. You can also display the product-related description on the surfaces of these boxes. These packages are best for the encasement of all kinds of bakery products like muffins, cupcakes, pastries, couverture chocolates, etc. Apart from this, they are made out of strong and environmentally friendly materials. Due to this, these boxes are durable, long-lasting, and sustainable packaging options.  The cake boxes UK wholesale option enables you to purchase more packages at an economical pricing rate. You can opt for the beautiful and customized box according to the demand of your packaging product and as per the requirement of the event. Bakery businesses are using these boxes so that they can create a striking first impression on their audience and attract more customers.


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