All you need to know about CPU processors

All you need to know about CPU processors

Central Processing Units, more commonly known as CPU or processors, are the beating heart of a PC or laptop. No matter how flashy or expensive keyboards, display screen or mouse you have, if the type of processor you are using doesn’t match with the purpose you are using the PC or laptop for, it will quickly become a dreadful experience. There is no one fit for all purposes in case processors. In simple words, different purposes like gaming, video editing or office work rely on different aspects of the processor like speed, multi-tasking or versatility. To have a good working experience, one must invest careful contemplation before buying a processor. Below are some tips that can help you in buying online processor:

AMD or Intel?

There are basically two major companies that manufacture processors and you are surely to come across at least one of them whatever your purpose is. There is no question of quality in either of the company’s products. Rather it’s more about compatibility. For example, if we strictly consider building a PC, the motherboard and processor should be of the same company, that is, either both of them should be AMD or Intel. Mix-matching them would result in incompatibility and thus a failure. Obviously, there is a price gap between the two with AMD on the higher end but it is not big enough to be a considered a different league in today’s market.

CPU generations

You must have often heard of ‘Intel core i5 8th gen’ or ‘AMD Ryzen 2000’. What do these mean and what are their purposes you may ask. That is a good question. Actually, Intel and AMD have different ways of labellingtheir generations and series. While AMD has a more straightforward way of higher the generation level, more are the innovations and features, it is a bit confusing with Intel. Intel also have ascending numerical generations but a ‘core i8’ need not be necessarily better than ‘core i7’. Sure, it would be faster but again speed and multitasking all depends on what purpose you are buying it for.

Cores and threads

Cores are basically the hardware component of the processor which is fed the tasks to perform from a thread, which is a software component. The core performs one task at a time and is quite efficient and working faster than you can imagine. There are multiple cores and threads in a single processor. The thread’s job is to assign tasks to the cores hence it often involves multiple cores at a time when you are multitasking. For example, listening to music while playing games or writing a document. If you have general office work, then dual core processors are enough but if you are a gamer then

There are several other factors such as clocks, graphics and thermal that has to be considered while purchasing a processor. If you want to have detailed explanation on what component affects what aspect, you can always search it on the company’s website as well as the product description for buying online processor.


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