How to Avoid Social Media Distraction for Government Exams

How to Avoid Social Media Distraction for Government Exams

Preparing for the government exams is the most daunting task for candidates. From covering humongous exam syllabus to solving mock tests, candidates put in hard efforts to clear the exam. A majority of candidates feel distracted while preparing for the exam. It’s completely normal to lose focus during your study hours. However, make sure you are genius enough to regain focus and study. So, eschew everything that distracts you while preparing for the exam. Do you know, which is the biggest source of distraction these days? Without a doubt, social media. It’s essential to get rid of every distraction that emerges from social media. 

Every year lakhs of graduates appear for SSC exams, bank exams, defence exams etc. If you are planning to appear for SSC CGL 2021, then cutting down distractions can amp up your efficiency to study. It’s a bit hard to refrain from distractions. But, it is not a mission impossible. Note that staying away from distractions can help you prepare for the exam effectively. Therefore, you’ll be able to clear the government exam in a single go. If you are heedless of the productive ways that can keep you away from distractions, go through this article. 

Here we have shed light on some useful tips that can aid in getting rid of social media distractions:

  • Use your smartphone in limit

Nowadays, smartphones are part and parcel of everyone’s life. There’s not a single person who doesn’t own a smartphone. Being an aspirant of government exams, it’s vital to limit the use of smartphones. We all know that smartphones are a hub of social media apps. So, when you sit to study for the exam, keep your phone away from yourself. Moreover, you can choose to turn off the notifications of your phone while preparing for the exam. Also, you can limit your screen time with the help of various apps present on your smartphone.  This is the most efficient way to avoid social media distractions. 

  • Shut social media sites and apps

Many candidates study online to refine their knowledge and prepare effectively for the government exam. The temptation of running social media may falter your focus. So, you need to keep all social media sites and apps close while studying for the exam. If you are attending an online class, make sure you turn off notifications of every social media app. Keep your one point focus on the lecture. Thus, this is the only way through which you can focus while learning online. 

  • Keep phone out of your reach

In case you feel that limiting your screen time is not working for you, keep your smartphone out of your reach. Additionally, you can opt to switch it off during your study time. These days students are strongly addicted to their mobile phones. It’s almost impossible for them not to use it. So, keep your smartphones switched off while preparing for the exam. Also, you can keep it in another room before you start to prepare for the exam. 

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  • Do interesting activities to rejuvenate yourself

Instead of wasting your time on social media, devote that time to doing interesting activities. We often choose to use our breaks in watching videos on youtube or web series on various platforms. Why not get out of four walls and play a sport with your family or friends? It can help you stay active and enhance your concentration to prepare for the government exams. Additionally, you will feel content after investing your time in fruitful activities. This way you’ll be able to make a new hobby or spend quality time with your family and friends. 

  • Keep track of your time

It is highly important to keep track of your time. This is the best way to know if you are wasting your time on any activity. You can take help from various screen-time analyzing apps. These apps can help you detect which app you use the most and gives an option to limit that time. For example: you can limit your time of using instagram, snapchat and other social media apps. This is one of the most effective ways to keep a check on yourself. Moreover, you’ll lower the time that you waste on social media. Also, you can use reminder apps to cut your time that you fritter on social media.

  • Prepare a social media schedule

If you have a deep desire to use social media, use it during break time. This is also a great way to fight social media distractions during your study hours. So, make a schedule where you allot time for using social media. Here we have listed suitable ways to plan your schedule:

  • If your first class is at 10 am for 1 hour, then at 11:30 am, use 20 minutes for scrolling social media.
  • You can also spend 5-10 minutes checking your messages on the phone.
  • Make a promise not to use social media for more than two hours in a day. 

Moreover, be realistic with your schedule. This way you’ll be able to make optimum utilization of your time. It can also help you fight procrastination.

There are umpteen candidates who aim to appear for the SSC CGL exam. Some candidates rely on self-study to prepare for this exam. Whereas, others need proper conditioning. Thus, joining a leading institute that provides excellent SSC CGL coaching in Chandigarh can help them.  


No doubt, every candidate appears for the government exam with the aim to crack in a single go. Thus, to make it possible they need to work extremely hard during their preparation period. The most common thing every candidate suffers from is distractions. Generally, candidates feel most distracted by social media. To get rid of social media distractions, candidates can stick to the tips mentioned above.

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