Cat 7 V/s Cat 8: Which is better to buy?

Cat 7 V/s Cat 8: Which is better to buy?

Ethernet cables are the networking cables used to connect devices to a local network, mainly used to access the internet via wired connections. Other than the internet, they are also used for sharing files or data in large numbers. Based on the shape of the cable, the ethernet cables are divided into two types; round ethernet cable and flat ethernet cable. Earlier flat cables lack proper insulation and fillings, which the manufacturing companies have over some time. But the round wires are known for high-speed network and hence are preferred choice amongst the buyers. The most widely used ethernet cables are Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7, and Cat 8. Out of all of this, Cat 7 and Cat 8 are the new type of network cables and are used extensively in the market. Let’s look at the factors affecting Cat 7and Cat 8 purchasing. 

The “category 7” cable is the abbreviated form of Cat 7 Cable. It offers 100 meters 4 connector channels. While the “Category 8” or Cat 8 supports 30 meters 2 connector channels, and both are shielded at the ends. 

The Cat 7 is compatible with Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 network cables, while Cat 8 is compatible only with Cat 7 cables. 

Cat 8 works in the frequency range of 2k MHz, while Cat 7 works in 600 MHz.The transmission speed of the Cat 7 cable is 10Gbps, while the observed transmission speed of Cat 8 is 25 Gbps or can even reach up to 40Gbps in the same duration. 

If you are looking for long-term use, then Cat 8 is the best choice for you because the life span of Cat is 20-25 years while the longevity of Cat 7 cables is around 15 years. 

Cat 7 uses a non-RJ 45 connector type, while Cat 8 uses both connectors, RJ 45 and Non-RJ 45. 

The numbers of connectors Cat 8 can accommodate are 2, while the numbers of connectors Category 7 cable can accommodate are 4. 

Category 8 cables are slightly expensive to buy as compared to Cat 7 or any other network Cable and due to the higher transmission speed, flexibility, and more fantastic frequency range, it is advised to buy cat 8 ethernet cable

The only disadvantage of category 8 cables is that they are incompatible with the previous versions of ethernet cable; cat 5e and cat 6 are slightly expensive on the other side of the coin. 

Category 8 is the fastest ethernet cable available in the market now. It gives excellent transmission speed over short distances and also consumes less power. The most common application of Cat 8 cable is gaming because it provides a fast network and more reliability.


Category 8 is the latest and most updated version of ethernet cable, and because of its valuable properties, it is very much in demand in the market. But if one can’t afford to buy cat 8 as it is expensive, you can also work with cat 7 or cat 6.


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