Curtain Cleaning Techniques

Curtain Cleaning Techniques

Keeping your curtains clean is a big problem, especially when you have pets and kids. There are different techniques for the curtain cleaning, and you can try them at home or get help from curtain cleaning Melbourne. The curtains in the home remain untouched, but the dust and the dirt collected by them makes them dirty, and they need treatment over time. Curtain dry cleaning is preferred because it is more effective compared to other methods. We are going to discuss some techniques which you could use for curtain cleaning. 


The most popular way of cleaning the curtains is vacuuming. It can easily remove the loose dust and dirt from the curtains. It would help if you began by sweeping on the top of the rod of the curtain. Please don’t put the curtains down; it is relatively easy to clean the curtains when hanging. Start vacuuming the curtain from top to the downside until it is perfectly cleaned. 

Wash the curtains 

When the dust and dirt are removed with the help of vacuuming, you can wash your curtains to remove the soil, odors, and stains. Start by putting the drapes in the washing machine and spin them slowly. You can also hand wash the curtains if they are delicate. It would help if you used a gentle soap for the cleaning to avoid any damage. If these options are not working, then you should use steam cleaning methods for cleaning the curtains. 

Blot the curtains 

Some of the stains won’t come out from the drapes in the washing as well, and these stains would need spot treatment. You can blot them using a sponge for the fabrics other than acetate, silk, and wool. You can follow it by rubbing some alcohol on the curtains. It would help if you dabbed alternatively between the alcohol and sponge unless the stains are permanently gone. On the other hand, if the fabric is of acetate, wool, or silk, you can use the same process but don’t use rubbing alcohol, prefer white vinegar. 

Dry the curtains 

The curtain cleaning services use dryer for lighter fabrics. However, if you are worried that the curtains may start shrinking for drying or washing, professional dry clean these curtains. If the curtains have stitched in pleats, swags or delicate ornamentation, dry clean them. 

Press the curtains 

Some fabrics make more wrinkles than others; if the drapes are more prone to wrinkles, you should iron them to make them smooth. The curtains also have tags of the temperature settings on them; check them to prevent the damage to them. If you are not clear about the temperature setting, you should use an iron to reverse the drapes’ reverse sides. 

Roll them

The fabrics like velvet, wool, and other synthetic materials attract lint. You can use a lint roller for removing the residue from these curtains regularly. You can also roll the heavy curtains, which are difficult to take down. 

Spray the curtains 

The cooking odors or the cigarette smoke odors also cling to the curtains. There are fabric sprays available in the market which could be used if the curtains’ washing did not remove all the fragrances. The scents would work instantly and give a pleasant and clean look to the fabrics. 

It would help if you cleaned the curtains twice in a year to increase their life, use the best cleaning services in your area. The vibrant and fresh look of the curtains is also maintained when they are regularly cleaned.


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