How to Delete Duplicate Files to Free Up Space?

How to Delete Duplicate Files to Free Up Space?

Low storage? Unable to save more content? Experiencing slow processing? You can get rid of all these problems if you free up the choked storage space on your system. And when it comes to low storage, duplicate files can be the real culprits. Therefore, you need to get your hands on effective duplicate file finders to free up your storage space.

Moreover, no matter how fast your system is or you have subscribed to one of the best Internet packages, you are going to face lags and delays in doing even the basic operations and activities on your system.

We are going to suggest some powerful duplicate file finders to do the job for you. They can be tools, apps, and software that help you get rid of this clutter. Let’s take this task head-on!

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Many duplicate file finders are packed with complex options and features making them difficult to use. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a user-friendly app with a simple interface. In addition, it has sensible default settings along with an easy-to-use wizard.

It offers convenient features such as a preview pane that is built-in. This pane allows you to preview videos snippets, view images, and listen to music before you delete them. This handy feature ensures you don’t lose anything important.

The app can search all the non-system folders on the connected drives by default. Furthermore, it can also search for audio files, images, video files, apps, and archives by default. However, you can also select the folders and drives manually in the sidebar. You can also select a single type of file or media to look at.

After you are done with the searching part, you get to preview the list of all the duplicated files. Also, you can use filters for the file type, size, and date. Once you are done sorting, hit the Delete Selected Files” button and they will be sent to the Recycle Bin leaving the storage space they were hijacking.

Easy Duplicate Finder

You can reclaim wasted disk space with Easy Duplicate Finder on your SSD, HDD, and in the Cloud. Witness a speed boost in your computer today by getting rid of duplicate files. This powerful app leverages smart technology to identify and delete all kinds of duplicate files.

Moreover, it is has a drag-and-drop, convenient interface that makes it user-friendly. You can take advantage of the intuitive scan modes, which make removing identical files quite effortless.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is another powerful contender on our list. If you want to get rid of identical files using powerful features and yet a user-friendly interface, then this app is perhaps your best bet. However, if you are looking for free software to do the job for you, then this is not it.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is not free but it does its job effectively.


It is perhaps the most popular tool in our recommendations. Chances are that you have already installed it. One of its main features is junk file remover that effectively removes unnecessary temporary files on your hard drive, leaving ample space.

It has several other built-in tools and functions, which include duplicate file finder. All versions of CCleaner have these features. The default settings of the said app will search the duplicate files on your C drive. It will sensibly ignore the system files.

Moreover, you can manually choose a specific directory, files, subfolders, or folders. The tool’s interface is pretty basic. It doesn’t have those fancy preview options. However, it will do the job just right.


Looking for some advanced filters? SearchMyFiles is what you are looking for then. It is an efficient app with customizable filters. For instance, it can make specific searches for the files, which were created, accessed, or modified between particular dates.

The interface is a little complex but it does the job. In the Search Mode box, you can choose the folders you want to look up duplicate files in. once you do so, simply tap the browse button and all the relevant results will display. For instance, if you want to clear up all the duplicate files from the C drive, all you need to do is to select it.

Similarly, you can choose any other folder and run the same process. The duplicated files appear in neat listings and clutter-free arrangements in groups. Also, you get to pick and choose whichever files you want to improve.

Concluding, all these recommended tools will do what they are designed to do. If you are especially de-cluttering your system this to improve the speed of your system and internet, and still don’t see a difference, then dial the number to get customer service of your ISP.

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