Lightning protection services – several maintenance tips

Lightning protection services – several maintenance tips

The individuals who have installed the lightning rods must be gone through time-based inspection as well as maintenance because it is indicated by national as well as the international regulations very well. These kinds of inspections allow the individuals to detect all the deviations from the normal standards so that issues such as corrosion and incorrect handling can be handled very well. The lightning protection services require proper care and maintenance from the end of owners so that all the issues can be dealt very easily. The inspection of the lightning protection system should be made a part of the maintenance plan as well as annual action plans. In case the lighting protection systems are handled with routine maintenance along with proper monitoring then health and quality of the lightning rod will always be maintained, and there will be least risk of lightning strikes on the structure. It will also help to make sure that everything is conducted the safest possible manner. The elements of the whole lightning protection system can be exposed to wear and tear over time and can lead to reduced safety levels in case they are not adequately maintained.

 Following are some of the things which require proper care and maintenance from the end of owners:

 -The lightning air terminals must be checked properly, and in case there is an issue, all the elements should be made sure that they are properly and fully operational so that everything can be measured very well.

 -The down conduct and should also be maintained after regular intervals of time so that there are no sparks throughout the process

 -The whole concept of ground resistance should be kept below than 10 ohms so that the lightning current can dissipate quickly and there are least chances of return currents which can pose to be very much dangerous for the people 

 Following is the procedure of conducting the proper rod maintenance and ensuring proper verification of the things:

 -The individuals should make sure that there are none of the damages because of the lightning strikes

 -The Lightning rod should always be in a good state

 -The fixings should be in the best possible condition

 -There should be none of the damaged parts by corrosion throughout the process

 -The whole state of equipotential bonding should be correct

 Individuals should also perform a complete verification of the main entrants throughout the lightning protection systems, and this complete verification should also include visual inspections so that they can be described above all the measures. It is very much important to verify all the Electrical continuity of all the down conductors, and there is the accurate performance of the lightning rod according to the specifications and the international standards. The individuals should also perform the verification and maintenance of the correct operation of all the air terminals. The lightning rods should be installed at the maximum and highest possible points of the structures, and it should be 2 m above the elements which are to be protected. So, one must make sure that everything is in proper regard to the inspections and rules regulations provided by international standards. To make the whole process very easy here, several companies help to provide proper remote testing procedures with the help of control remote so that all the worries of the individuals can be eased properly.

 It is very much important to have physical access to all the air terminals and to perform several kinds of system daily checks and to make sure that there is no shortcoming throughout the process. It is important to go to the parking system where a proper need to check resistance of earth and it should be very well-connected with the proper time. One must always make sure that it should be less than 10 ohms. It is highly recommended for the owners to check the ordering system and in most of the countries, it is a very strict regulation which has to be followed. In case there is a recording of the earth values then it is very much important to use the ground enhancing products so that system adaptability can be insured and earthing rods are up to the best possible optimal performance. This particular verification will also help to make sure that electrical lines are in the proper place and aim to provide complete protection against the over voltages.

 When all these kinds of inspections have been carried out, and any kind of abnormality is found, then one must go with the option of immediate repairs and corrective measures in the best possible time to ensure optimum performance of the things. The person who is in charge of the periodic inspection should go with the option of making the elaborate report that will help in informing the inspections which have are  carried out along with proper proof is in the form of data and photographs.

 In the cases of lightning protection systems, proper inspection has to be undergone so that repairing can be undertaken very well. In case there are any of the events which involve the lightning strikes then individuals should go with the option of conducting the maintenance as soon as possible for this they can go with the option of visual verification and complete verification of the critical systems. In the cases of visual verification, the annual revision will help in solving the purpose, and it should be done after every two years. Under the complete verification, it should be done after every four years in proper compliance with international standards. In the cases of complete verification of the critical systems, the verification has to be done at the end of each year to ensure higher protection levels.  

In all the nations like India the rainy season has high chances of rain and is only for some part of the year. So, it is very much essential to undertake proper maintenance of the rods at the beginning of such periods to ensure optimal performance of the season. Hence, lightning protection design requires proper maintenance at the end of owners, and it should be paid due attention along with appropriate advice from the professionals. 


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