Most common instant geyser problems and their causes

Most common instant geyser problems and their causes

Geyser is the most useful and one of the basic needs of a house. Gone are the days when we used long and heavy geysers runs on gas. That’s why geyser repair or geyser installation was quite difficult. But, with instant water geyser, people are so relieved.

This facility instantly provides you hot water, without any wait or delay. Furthermore, it can be used for various other everyday activities. These instant geysers are powered by electricity or gas doesn’t create any problems.

However, a machine is a machine it can trip, but nowadays geyser repair is not a huge task. The issues can be solved right away and you can keep on availing the benefits. But you must have an awareness of the problems this instant geyser can create.

Less warm water

Insufficient hot water could be the first condition you can face. Below are the points which explain the causes of this issue.

  • Undersized heaters are one of the reasons. Whereas, faults in the parts of a geyser such as a thermostat, gas pilot, heating element, or pilot control valve are the other issues one can encounter.
  • A human or a machine, both need rest. Over usage of anything end up losing the parts of it.
  • Identify the faults or the damaged parts and repair your geyser by calling an experienced technician.  

These issues can make you change your geyser. So, for geyser repair or geyser installation contact a verified service. Because only reliable services platforms facilitate you with their best practices and also educate you regarding the device.

Too much hot water

The excessive quantity of anything is also problem creating. So, excessively hot water or in other terms boiling water can also make you worried or uneasy, especially when you are getting late. Or you might get hurt by touching the faucets. Let’s crack some causes and solutions for this one as well.

  • You must check the temperature setting and make adjustments according to it.
  • Your pressure valve can be placed inadequately.
  • One must identify the problem and replace the damaged parts immediately, is the only solution.

Your instant geyser can be noisy

Yeah, you read it right, your geyser can be too noisy as well and this is not a good sign.

Many people won’t give it an ear but this noise can be an alarming situation.

Rumbling or popping sort of noises describes that water is boiling at the bottom of the tank. This indicates the accumulation of sediment.

A simple solution would be to clean the tank, because of the scale substance accumulation.

What to do if it leaks?

Leakage is yet another problem, but let’s find out what action can we take.

These were the issues that you can experience with an instant geyser. You may contact different reliable services for geyser installation or geyser repair.

  1. Faulty plumbing, excessive pressure, over-heating or corrosion, all of these can result in geyser leakage.
  2. To resolve high temperatures, always keep a check on the thermostat. However, for corrosion, you must contact an experienced technician for replacement.
  3. Overpressure can affect temperature and pressure valve leakage.
  4. If a valve leaks, replace it despite covering it with duct tape.

Don’t hire a local vendor for this task because they might fix it wrong which can create a problem later on. In case, your hired service does not facilitate its customer with any demo sessions, you can always look for other ones. Because procrastination is better than doing it wrong.


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