Necklace designs that one must be aware of

Necklace designs that one must be aware of

Many want to deck up when they are out for a party or even attending a casual meeting and in order to add some oomph to their outfits, wearing a statement necklace is enough. It can change a casual outfit totally and hence the entire look also gets changed.

If one wants to buy some artificial necklace online, here are some varieties that one can check and add to their jewellery boxes:

Festoon Necklace

This one has been particularly designed a few centuries back and it is said to have its origin at Greece. The meaning of Festoon is ‘garland of woven flowers, leaves and branches’.  The design of this particular necklace also shows the same because it contains some thread chains which has some other elements too. It matches really well if one has a contemporary wardrobe. They can also use things like gemstones, pearls and other precious metals in order to design these necklaces.

Lavaliere Necklace

This design appeared at the beginning of 20th century. It has a slender chain and a very small yet pretty pendant which can be made of some decorative stones. It has a sleek style and looks very feminine. One can wear this petite necklace pattern with a bohemian outfit to make a perfect contrast.

Single Strand Necklace

One can see that these chains can either be of gold or silver and they have a single yet focal piece element. It can be kind of a versatile necklace and they can be worn with almost any kind of outfits. In most of these necklaces, a pendant can be attached, so that it can increase the charm of those neck pieces.

Beaded Necklace

It is a very popular variety in terms of fashion necklaces. They can be made from varieties of materials like glass beads, crystal beads, clay beads and even coral beads. Bead necklaces are versatile and hence one can always wear them with any outfits and even with T shirts and a pair of jeans. One can also pair them up with long dresses and skirts.

Charm Necklace

It is a traditional variety of necklaces which were once worn by people as a sign of a lucky charm. They do have a vintage look and so they can bring a kind of an old charm when they are worn with any kind of trendy outfit.


This has been a popular design of necklace since the Middle Ages and this particular one sits tightly around the neck. This does not mean that they are not comfortable to wear. One can also get to see some custom made chokers which are made from varieties of small elements or from a single piece material. One can wear them with outfits which have low cut neckline and they can add a lot of fashion quotient to those dresses.

Bib Necklace

These are made from different layered chains and it can cover the breast bone. It maintains proper layers of bibs and wearing those means one will be standing out among crowd.

One can also look for other varieties of artificial necklace set online.


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