Promoting your business app is important, period. Your app does not only mean better access to your site or Page by your regular (or new) visitors, but a sterling reputation for you as well. Your app puts you in league with the bigger players who had their apps first, before others did. To use the younger generation’s oft-used and all-encompassing linguistic nuances, an app is ‘cool’, and you can make it ‘sick’ if you play your cards right. Wouldn’t it be great if you there were some free methods to promote your business app to your Facebook Fans? Alrighty then, here’s a small to-do list to make you very happy – or ‘appy’ shall we say?

That valuable piece of virtual real estate must not go unused. Promote your app by creating an interesting visual – perhaps describing the benefits of your app or how it is different from other apps (if it is) or why anyone would want to browse your business through your app – do whatever, but make sure you do it. The most important thing is to make the image interesting enough to click on. Maybe create a teaser infographic and write something like.

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It doesn’t matter how you do it, do it you have to And then the Force of Free Promotion shall be with you. Create a link in the caption and reinforce whatever call-to-action you chose for the cover image. Make it simple, because ultimately, you want your fans to download the darn thing. So move towards that end. You might also want to add a ‘spread the word’ kind of line somewhere in there for more publicity.

Make a series of infographics and call-to-action images. One of them could even announce boldly something like ‘Have you tried our app?’. Never underestimate the power of direct selling. However, the main reason for creating more than one image is, when you change your cover image, Facebook issues a general notification that should draw at least some of your fans’ attention. If someone missed the earlier one, there’s a chance they will see your new image now, and be enticed to click on it to reach the link you obviously have with each caption.

Do whatever works for you: three to four updates at various times of the day, perhaps?. Plan for a week to cover all twenty four hours if possible. Updates get lost easily on Facebook, unless someone ‘likes’ them, in which case they are back again for a while. Don’t take a chance, don’t bother about calculating heavy traffic hours, just post the updates and make sure everyone knows why you are repeat-posting. Write something like ‘ Just in case you missed it, here’s our newest app – you’ll be sorry if you don’t use it!’ . Or use a tone and words that are better suited to your business image. The point is to categorically mention that you are actually trying to get the word out to whoever might have missed it because the word is of some importance. That way, you get your promotion without irritating those of your fans that noticed it the first time round.

Blog it

Create an article on your blog (yes, you should be having a blog, for heavens’ sake!), include an image (or more) , make sure the article shows on Facebook. Add a twist: in a second, manual update about your article, post the image and then link to your blog via text. The image is usually more powerful than the thumbnail version of it that will show by default when your blog-post is auto-updated on FB.

Press it

A free press release is still one of the more effective ways of getting the word out. If you have to pay somebody to create the release, it does not exactly remain free, but we are talking about using a free service to release it as opposed to paid services. The utility is that this provides you with is a variation to the scheduled updates we have already mentioned. The blog post was one, and this is another – and together, they should provide enough variety to make your app-promotion spicy enough. All the extra traffic that you get from the release is a bonus. Since your primary target is your existing fans, a free release is all you’ll ever need.

Apart from these, a Get Your App Event or a giveaway / contest should also work just fine. In addition, you should be able to collect some additional leads as well if your fans invite their friends and, perhaps, increase your fan base in the bargain.

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