Reasons for wearing gemstones

Reasons for wearing gemstones

Many people can dismiss the idea of wearing gemstones because they do not believe in any effects of it. But a lot of them also adorn wearing gemstones and this is because there are a lot of logic and truth that works behind it. 

People believe that wearing kudwal gemstone can actually turn their life around. And they also offer some sensible reasons regarding why wearing the right gemstone can work for an individual.

There are various gemstones available in the market and they vary in colour, shape, size and definitely prize. Each and every gemstone has its own sets of merits and demerits. Also the price of a gemstone also varies depending on its ratti and quality. When a particular gemstone is worn then it has some particular effect to the wearer. One has to wear different gemstones to get different results and it also depends that what gemstones are suitable for them to wear.

But firstly one has to understand that why people wear gemstones? It is important to note the fact that all of these gemstones are connected to some planet according to the astrological studies. So, the gemstone connected to a particular planer draws vibration from that planet and inculcates those on the wearer’s body. Hence depending on the birth chart of an individual (which shows which planet is in a weaker position there) one has to wear gemstones accordingly. Once worn, these gemstones can bring good vibrations and balance in different aspects of one’s life which they want to improve. Also, one must be very sure about the gemstones that they are wearing. If one wears a gemstone which is not suited to them then it can bring ill effects in their life as well just like taking a wrong medicine.

Gemstones do take millions of years to form. According to astrological studies, they always carry precious energies from centuries and they have an effect on the wearer. That is why; it is said that gemstones have certain healing properties and they can benefit one’s both mental and physical health. Once the gemstone is worn the skin starts absorbing the goodness of it and hence it is also used by Ayurveda to treat a lot of diseases.

Gemstones are said to exude some unique rays which can change the mental status of an individual wearing it. It can make the atmosphere around more positive. It also uplifts the quality of life that a person is living. But before wearing kudwal gems it is absolutely necessary to consult an experienced astrologer. One must follow their guidance regarding which gemstone to wear and which to avoid. Not all gemstones are for everyone. It depends on the birth chart of an individual that which gemstone will work on them and it is the astrologer who can advise on that. Once one gets to know what to wear, one needs to buy the authentic variety of that gemstone. They can try reliable stores like Khanna Gems which is in the market selling certified gemstones for more than 30 years now.


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