Review of University of Phoenix Highlight the Institution’s Commitment to Helping Working Adults Achieve their Career Goals

Review of University of Phoenix Highlight the Institution’s Commitment to Helping Working Adults Achieve their Career Goals

Online reviews of University of Phoenix are overwhelmingly positive, and many of the reviews from current and former students highlight how university instructors and staff are friendly, helpful, easy to reach and genuinely committed to student success. Many reviews underscore the importance of receiving timely and constructive advice on how to choose programs and how to approach class selection, and many reviewers echoed how the university’s programs and policies are made for busy adults and are focused on improving student learning outcomes.

One student talked about how she obtained multiple degrees and shared her plans on returning to the university for a Ph.D. Another student happily shared details on how higher education would not have been a reality for them because of their hectic and full schedule if University of Phoenix had not offered the flexibility and support they needed to succeed.

Many reviewers were quick to dispel any notion that the learning journey will be an easy one and that consistent hard work, a commitment to completing coursework and perseverance through the ups and downs of balancing regular classes and life’s responsibilities are part of learning and growing. However, the university takes every care to ensure that students have access to the resources, guidance and support they need to complete assignments and projects so that they learn the material needed to advance in their careers.

University of Phoenix made an advanced degree an achievable reality for many working adults. One student talked about how she had wanted to make a career change but didn’t know how she could find the time to go to class. University of Phoenix’s online registration and class schedule is easy to understand and set up, so she was able to log in and work on her classes and assignments whenever she had time.

While enrolled in the University’s MBA program, Hall was pleased with both what he learned and how he learned. The courses were academically challenging and covered relevant subjects he needed to know, and all courses included a well-designed combination of individual and group work. Hall was able to complete the coursework on his schedule as his full-time job allowed, but he was also part of a team within each class. This individual and team structure is, of course, similar to the corporate environments that many MBA graduates ultimately find themselves working in.

The convenience of this type of flexible learning and scheduling has helped countless students advance in their careers and work to their full potential. With access to everyone from expert instructors, to library and resource staff, to financial aid and career support personnel, you will have someone to help guide you and help make your career goals a reality.

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University of Phoenix was founded by a Cambridge-educated economist, professor and entrepreneur in 1976 in response to the changing needs of the workplace. University of Phoenix strives to provide adults with the higher education they need to succeed in the workplace and has improved the lives of countless students over the last 45 years.

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