Tips and Tricks to Prevent Mold in Your Attic

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Mold in Your Attic

When was the last time you checked your attic? Probably, you ventured it a long time back and now it’s almost a forgotten place until a water leak occurs from the roof. Attics are the empty spaces that are least visited and often neglected by the homeowners.

Do you know that attics are the most common hotbed for the growth of molds? The reason behind the growth of molds in your attic is- it provides the best suitable conditions for the molds to spur- high humidity, moisture, heat and organic material. 

What Causes Attic Mold?

The main reasons that lead to the growth of attic mold is a leaky roof, inadequate ventilation or the usage of appliance that may blow air into the attic. Besides, high humidity temperature conditions fuel the growth of molds. Many of you reside in places that have high moisture and warm temperature, in such circumstances the organic material like wood, insulation and stored household material acts as a food for molds. Secondly, inefficient cleaning, blocked vents, accumulation of dust particles can also help mold to reside in your attic. You must get rid of the attic mold by keeping these areas clean with cleaning supplies.

What are the Signs of Mold in Your Attic?

1) Water stains on the roof- You may see stains of water leaks on the ceiling and it could be because of the old or a new leak.

2) GFI outlets tripping for no reason- If the plumbing line runs through the attic and there are leaks in it, the water will drip through the attic down the wall and trip the GFI outlets.

3) Wet insulation in the attic- Molds like to feed on insulation, and if the insulation goes wet because of the increased moisture, it will take around half a day for the molds to grow in the attic. Therefore, get mildew resistant insulation for your attic.

4) Stains on wood surfaces of the attic- Although wood can age and change a bit in color, but if you see dark patches of brown blue and green then you must know the mold is growing at a faster rate and must be treated immediately.

5) Musty smell- If you sense a musty odor coming from the attic, it is the work of molds.

How to Prevent Attic Mold?

1) Inspect your attic- You must inspect your attic at least four times a year and keep it clean using mild cleaners regularly.

2) Spray endurance bio-barrier in your attic- Such sprays can kill the growing bacteria, fungus and viruses and keep the attic free from molds.

3) Improve the ventilation- Make use of dryer exhaust vents and fans as they are designed to keep the moisture out of your place.

4) Use inorganic material- Since molds hop on the organic material to survive, including humidity, use inorganic material in the construction of your attic.

5) Don’t over insulate- Over insulation can trap the moisture and doesn’t allow the precise amount of heat to keep it dry, which in turn, leads to the growth of molds. 

6) Call the professionals- If the mold problem is exceeding; it is better to call the mold remediation to get your attic clear of any mold.


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