Tips for Buying the Right Armored Car

Tips for Buying the Right Armored Car

With increasing terrorist attacks and rampant violence on the streets, personal safety has become a serious concern. When on the road, several threats can cause severe injuries. So, to avoid the dangers and threats while traveling, many people are thinking about investing in armored vehicles. In 2020, armored cars are catching the attention of civilians. Once reserved for the elite class, diplomats, and politicians, now armored cars have becomes a common sight. When we think of an armored car, most people visualize a bulky, square truck that often picks up and drops off cash at the ATMs. But armored cars have come a long way and modern armor vehicles look nothing different than a normal car.

As more and more citizens are looking for protection, the armored car industry is expanding rapidly. Given this rising demand, many top car manufacturers are now converting luxury vehicles into armored models to provide protection when a threat occurs. If you’re also thinking about your safety or need to protect your family, an armored car can be a perfect option for you. But you may think about how to choose the right armored vehicle that will suit your needs for years to come. With so many options available, finding the perfect armored car that meets your needs will take a little research and planning. Below we’ve mentioned the most important things that you need to consider when buying an armored car.

  1. Think About Your Protection Needs

The process of buying a self-protection vehicle begins with determining what level of protection you’re going to need. For instance, if you’re someone who travels to risky areas that have a high crime rate then you need a car that is equipped with AK-47 protection. Besides your safety concerns, you should also think about the number of passengers traveling in the car and available garage or parking space. Whether you’ll be driving on the highway, streets, or off-road is also a factor to consider. This means that the safety features you need and your driving condition will impact the choice of your armored car.

  • Fix Your Budget

Depending on your safety needs, you will look for the features like bulletproof windows, doors, and shatter-proof windshield. You may also look for additional features like run-flat tires, electrified door handles, or amplified external listening systems. You can get as many features as you want but make sure you first fix your budget. The high-end features come at a cost, so make sure you know your budget. Armored cars are expensive than normal vehicles because of the materials and labor used for designing and manufacturing these cars. When determining your budget, you should also consider financing your purchase or lease options.

  • Take a Test-Drive

Once you find an armored car that suits your needs and fits your budget, it’s time to take a test drive. Always buy the car from an authorized dealer and schedule a test drive before making a final decision. During the test drive, you need to drive the car on the highways, as well as streets. Test the car in both stop-and-go traffic and at highway speeds to know how it performs. Also, it’s recommended to drive over bumps and take tight corners to check the brakes. During the test drive, try to use as many features as possible.


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