Tips For Ordering Custom Challenge Coins Within Your Budget

Tips For Ordering Custom Challenge Coins Within Your Budget

If you want to order custom challenge coins at affordable rates, you will get several options to assist you to manage and record your order’s paying price. From budget-friendly designs to long-term costs, these tips with customizing options can implement to create unique coins while saving on your expenses. 

Interested in creating custom coins at an inexpensive price range? Keep on reading with us till the end. This ongoing writing will explain cost-saving ideas while ordering standard custom coins within your affordable costs. 

Let’s check out cost-saving custom challenge coins ordering ideas –

  • Understand Pricing of Custom Challenge Coin

That’s important to understand means the costs of your order are calculated and performing research will assist you to save more money. Three main points evaluating your ordering costs are – the size of coins, the number of coins ordered, and the kind of customizations added to your style. Understanding how these factors can influence your price range and where you can minimize costs will support you make the most saving on your order. 

  • Keep Your Custom Coin’s Size Below 2” 

Size matters when it comes to price and style of your custom coins order. You must prepare yourself paying premium costs with ordering giant size coins, and so should consider ordering something smaller in size. Bigger coins need more materials and molds while producing, which indicates production costs generally increase. Adjusting with smaller size coins is a quick and easy way to suit your challenge coin’s order to cost-effective pricing. The most accurate sizes while ordering custom coins are 1.75” or 2.00”. 

  • Select The Right Coin Type For Design

Your ultimate pricing will rely upon customization and style options included with your challenge coins. If you need an affordable cost, one of the most reasonable options in a custom coin is printed with standard polishing. This offers shinny-gleaming appeal capturing the shine of metal. In case you are planning on selling your custom coins as giveaways, make sure you’ve ordered in more quantity and smaller size, so you minimize costs. 

  • Limit Use of Colors Till Seven

The colors include an excessive amount of customization to coins, and also you might need the same color on your unique style. If you are using more colors in a coin, you must maintain your paint scheme within seven colors only. In case you are adding above seven colors, your order will include additional charges with each extra color option. Additionally, you can use your custom coin’s plating as an “extra” color option in making unique coins. 

  • Shape It Like An Exterior Bottle Opener

Feature your custom coins with pot opener, which is a very popular customization option currently. However, you will no more need to pay extra with such customization as it is a common choice nowadays. If you are including an interior challenge coin, which urges an extra production step to cut out shapes, although you can implement it at no extra cost. 

To conclude, increasing custom coins in order can save your most money. Therefore, ordering coins in more quantity and smaller in size is a quick and easy means saving your cost. Remember good quality always won’t incur your more expenses if you can research and smartly place your order today!

Akshat Shri

Author Since: June 29, 2020

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