Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Property Surveyor

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Property Surveyor

Whether you’re starting a new house project or thinking about renovating your home, you need to hire a land surveyor. People who ignore hiring a property/land surveyor can face several issues later. If you also think that seeking the advice of a property surveyor is not a big deal, you may also end up facing disastrous consequences. This happens because only a professional land surveyor has the knowledge to help you understand all the relevant legalities of your property. When you get your property surveyed, it will help you in planning your new home project or home renovation project. Even the mortgage companies ask for a property survey report to make sure the property is worth the amount of money they’re providing in the loan.

A property survey is not a legal requirement but still it makes sense to hire a surveyor. When you hire a property surveyor, this professional will research the history of the deed and may also perform a title search to ensure that there are no discrepancies regarding land ownership. So, if you’re starting a home additions project or planning a new construction project, consider the following reasons which suggest why hiring a property surveyor is a good idea.

1.       Determine Boundary Lines

One of the biggest reasons to hire a land surveyor is to avoid border disputes in the future. A licensed property/land surveyor can determine the legal boundary lines and other lines of your property. This will help in avoiding disputes with your neighbors about the placement of the boundary line between your properties. Even if you’re planning a renovation, a land survey can provide you with details of occupancy or possession before you build a fence or pave your driveway. The surveyor will make sure that your construction takes place on your property, not your neighbor’s property. The surveyor will also provide you a legal boundary line certification which includes an accurate legal description of your property. A surveyor will also find out the underground waters and wetlands, as well as gas, telephone wires, drains, or cables that might be underground.

2.       Zoning Classification

An experienced land surveyor will also ascertain zoning classifications that may restrictions on how you should be using your property. In most regions, there are some restrictions placed on your property depending on the type of zoning designation assigned to it. Zoning classification also includes whether your property comes under residential or light industrial use. Your surveyor will find out the type of zoning that covers your property. A property survey will let you know whether you are using your property in conformance with zoning ordinances.

3.       Cost Estimation

The main job of a surveyor is to provide you a written description of the property, its street address, the location of buildings and adjacent properties, and other vital details. However, in addition to this, a property surveyor also helps clients in preparing the preliminary budget for their construction project. The surveyor you hire will coordinate with every stakeholder associated with your project and try to ensure that budget stays on track.


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