Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind When Demolishing a House

Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind When Demolishing a House

We all have experienced that all good things come after strange times. And when it comes to constructing a new building, the same holds true. Whether it is partial knockdown or complete demolition, one needs a clean slate to start afresh. If it is your first time with house demolition, worry not. Here is a list of things to keep in mind to make the process less intimidating –

  1. Demolition Method

There are plenty of ways to take your house apart. You can do it mechanically with hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery or manually piece by piece. The former one is fast and cheap and the latter option is time-consuming and dearer. However, the scope of reusing the old items such as doors, light fixtures, and more is only possible when you deconstruct by hand. A combination of mechanical and manual processes is your best bet.

  • Rebuild Cost

You might consider demolishing a no-talent job, but if you take a careful look at it, you will realize how complicated it can be. Considering the efforts and planning that goes into demolishing, it is a pretty expensive job to do. Things add up even further when you rebuild on the same lot. So, to take a cost-effective move, you better get quotes from at least three different contractors. You will see how the price varies.

  • Permits Required

Even if you are deconstructing your house, you need to take permission from neighbors and civic bodies, as everyone else will be impacted by it. If your property is located close to a busy road, you will have to wait for a green signal from traffic police and then commence the work. A NOC must obtain from concerned authorities to avoid any hindrances in the middle of your project.

  • Temporary Relocation

It is in no way practical to live in one part of the house when another part is being torn down. The filthy dust is unbearable, and there is a lot of risk due to the weak structure. So, you better shift to a rented place nearby. That way, you can have a safe place to live while monitoring the demolishing activity being carried out.

  • Contingency Budget

Life never goes as planned so does your building knockdown. There are always unpredictable challenges waiting for your way and you cannot go ahead without taking account of them in advance. You might have to deal with the price rise of materials, purchase of new construction equipment, hiring of new workers anytime; so, you better allocate at least ten percent of your total budget as a contingency budget.

  • Professional Assistance

Demolition is much like surgery. It is both time-intensive and dangerous, for which you require a licensed and insured demolition contractor. He inspects your site properly and advises the best way to remove the old construction. There is no burden or hassle with such experts by your side.


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