Top Four Mold Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Top Four Mold Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Dealing with mold is one of the most nauseating and daunting experiences of an individual’s life. That is probably not only because the procedure is difficult and time-consuming, but for the fact that a single mistake can spread it further, thereby leaving long-term damage on your property.

I have seen people with running around with buckets of soapy waters, and bleach solutions to do something on their own. However, what they don’t realize is that this one task is something that requires to be handled professionally for safe and lasting results.

Remember, mold is a very tricky and stubborn fungus. If it is ignored or taken lightly, it can literally leave you with the most unpleasant challenges of your lifetime. So, keep in mind this list of errors that you ought to steer away from during the mold removal or remediation process to ensure everyone’s safety and an improved condition of the home –

  1. Neglecting the Problem

If you happen to see mold growth in a particular corner of the house, don’t assume that it is only contained there. Mold spores can fly through from your carpet fibers to walls, ceilings, and even furniture, and if not tackled on time, it can spread rapidly and impact your health. So, make sure you are vigilant of the dark or damp areas of your home and take immediate action as soon as you see black spots or experience a musty odor. Also, do not just scrub it off or use regular cleaners for the job.

  • Using Bleach

It is strange to see people believing that bleach is the key to mold problem. For years, mold specialists have been stressing enough that applying bleach over the affected area is not going to eradicate the problem by any means. It just removes the visible mold, but the entire hidden colony in your home continues to linger. Thus, if you don’t wish to aggravate it further, keep those seemingly quick solutions at bay and use an antimicrobial cleaner instead.

  • Painting the Moldy Spot

Markets are flooded with mold-resistant paints, but that aren’t meant to be applied over the mold. In case, you happen to commit to this blunder and hide the problem and not remediating it, trust me, there is no going back. This fungus will have an open chance to thrive behind the paint and expand its roots to the other areas of the house as well. Hence, there will be bigger problems awaiting you in the future.

  • Hiring Amateurs

In order to save a few bucks here and there, people often sacrifice on the quality of services. Same holds true while hiring mold removal companies. The employees with little to no experience are happy to slash down their fees to entice customers and surprisingly, homeowners often fall for them and end up receiving bad services that do nothing to solve their mold issues from the core. Therefore, call for in for well-established experts only.


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