Use These Software to Write Content in Any Indian Language

Use These Software to Write Content in Any Indian Language

If you work as a writer and are curious to create content in your regional Indian language, then you must have tried a pre-designed font system in your PC Ms-word. However, the in-built tools are not much effective when it comes to drafting content in an appropriate writing format. So, in order to fulfill your needs, you can switch to the Indian language softwares that are available online to facilitate users for effortless writing in multiple languages.

Write Content in Any Indian Language

Platforms that help you write content in any language can can really give you goose bumps while using on a PC or laptop. Lets have a look one by one:

Amar Bangla

It is the best application to download and install on a PC when it comes to crafting content in Bengali. It is one of the scheduled Indian languages that is broadly used in Kolkata and many other Indian regions. Amar Bangla has been exclusively designed for users that want to write text in Bangla lingo whether for personal or official purposes. It has modern features to translate English words into Bengali text with accurate spelling and can also support phonetics typing. You can download its latest version free by using the internet and can type articles in your regional language without any inconvenience on windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10.

Salient features:

  • Suitable for graphic designing and writing in Bengali
  • Comes with full installation and user guide
  • Require less space in PC or laptop to install
  • Offer top 39 Bengali fonts for writing
  • An automated tool to convert English into Bangla


Lipikaar is another useful Indian language application that can support writing content on WordPad and notepad in 18 languages. It also supports android applications to write in the regional form of writing and can easily convert English typing into Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Nepali, and Bangla, etc. By using this app, you can create documents in word and can also send emails in the language you want. It is a paid tool that you can buy with a monthly or yearly subscription by paying a nominal amount to the provider.

Indic input 

Working as a writer, you can also convey messages to your audience in the national language Hindi. It is the mother tongue of many Indians and is easy to read and understand. Now, you can see many Indian websites that are providing educational content to readers in this language. Indic input is the best application if you want to type in Hindi on Ms-word, notepad, and online as well. It supports fast translation of English text into Hindi automatically. You can download it by following simple step by step instructions and can get support from the help desk to run it fluently.

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Soni typing software

It is a promising Indian language software application that can be used for improving Hindi typing speed. If you are an individual preparing for a government exam that is administrated in Hindi, then it could be the best option for you. It provides typing with Mangal font that is widely used in the Indian government offices to type official documents and papers. You can download it and can practice as much as you want to become an expert in Hindi typing.

ISM Malayalam

As the name suggests, ISM Malayalam Keyboard is the highly demanded software that is used to write in Malayalam. Malayalam is an important Indian language that has been spoken in many educational institutions, government offices, and ministry departments in the South region. It is an application that is 100 percent accurate and reliable since it has been developed by a reputed Indian institution. You can use this application to craft content, personal and official documents, and articles in the Malayalam language with grammatical accuracy and proper fonts. You can even use this application if you do not belong to the south Indian region, as you can simply type English with the normal keyboard to convert the text into Malayalam.

Salient features:

  • Simple download available on PC and you can run it without having the internet connectivity
  • You can get various options to choose the desired keyboard for typing in Malayalam
  • ISM Malayalam provides right words suggestions while typing
  • Has auto-completion mechanism
  • Absolutely free to use

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