Useful things to know about bathroom renovation


Are you deciding to give a new look to your bathroom? The first essential step is to come up with a plan that will consider all the changes to be made to the bathroom. The bathroom renovation process can be quite complicated. All the work must be focused on the creation of a highly functional environment. Before starting the process, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Setting up a Hall

It is with no doubt, the renovation process updates the whole look of your house. It also follows the house regulations imposed by some municipalities. In most cases, the local councils require that the bathroom in which the toilet is positioned must be far from the kitchen. It means that there must be a hall between the two areas. If your room is big enough, you can raise a wall and build a dressing room.

  • Ventilation in the bathroom

It is one of the main aspects of the renovation work. The municipal regulations require that in the absence of windows, a mechanical ventilation system must always be there in your bathroom. You should know that, if the room does not have a window or there is no possibility of opening a new one, it is always better to install a mechanical ventilation system.

  • Minimum size

The city regulations on the building can also define the minimum size of the bathroom. So before you start the work, make sure to clarify that from the technical office of the municipality where the house is located.

  • Electrical system

You should be aware that, the electrical system must be installed and designed according to the law to guarantee the safety of the environment. If on the same wall, there is happen to have both electrical and plumbing system, it is necessary to comply with CEI 64-8 standards. This means that you should position the sockets to add the required distance from the water supply.

  • Installation of floor

It is always better to opt for floor installation systems and leave the walls free from any technical components. This will make sure that the job is done following the current laws. Once the hydraulic and electrical systems have been laid, before proceeding with screeds and claddings, you should always take a photo of the various pipes. The photo that you will take might be useful in the future in case of malfunction or leaks.

  • Sanitary ware

It is always preferred to place sanitary ware side by side in the bathroom. This is done for functionality and also pleasant visual impact. You must have at least 120 centimetres of space available on the wall, for a toilet and bidet of standard dimensions. If in case, your wall is small, you can also opt for small and compact sanitary ware.

  • Floor and wall tiles

The floor and the wall tiles in the bathroom must not only look good but should also be waterproof, easy to clean, and should be made of resistant materials. You should also keep in mind that the wall tiling must reach the height imposed by the city regulations.


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