Why Malwarebytes is a better option for security software?

Why Malwarebytes is a better option for security software?

Malwarebytes is anti-malware that provides good protection to the system. When you install the software, it checks all your files and keeps the computer secure. This program is available for Windows, smartphones and devices. Whenever you require reliable security software; installing Malwarebytes is a good idea.

Install Malwarebytes with another program

Unlike other security programs, you won’t get the conflict issues with your Malwarebytes anti-malware. Users can easily install the Malwarebytes with your other antivirus. Your Malwarebytes will also take care of your antivirus. You only have to set your Malwarewates features according to your other security software. Open another antivirus and then inspect all its features. Now go to Malwarebytes and disable those tools which you are using on another program. Now you can run your Malwarebytes reliably on the system.

You can install Malwarebytes on multiple devices

Malwarebytes provides single as well as multi-license setups. If you want to install Malwarebytes on one device then you can purchase the single device setup. In case you have more devices then you can easily go for a multi-device setup. The payment will appear according to your devices. The Malwarebytes setup for Windows is different from Mac one. Sometimes users try to transfer Mac licenses on Windows but Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10. The user has to get the Malwarebytes set up accordingly. 

Best malware detection and removal

Malwarebytes provides good virus detection features in its premium and free plan. In freeware, your antivirus will remove  the dangerous threats from your device. This program is known for eliminating PUPs from the computer. In case, you want to secure the computer for more then go for the premium anti-malware. Premium Malwarebytes antivirus protects the system from Trojan Horses. Worms, adware, etc. You can go for any setup of Malwarebytes according to the device requirements.

Secure Browsing

Malwarebytes has a secure browsing feature to keep internet surfing secure. You will get the secure browsing feature on the premium plans. When you search anything from the internet browser; your Malwarebytes will start scanning all the result pages and links. It will show the users which pages are secure to access. You can access the secure pages and prevent any kind of internet threat. When you mistakenly hit the suspicious link; your Malwarebytes will alert you and block the page. It won’t allow the user to access any malicious page on the web. 

Best real-time protection

Real-time protection is a very powerful tool for device and data protection. It detects the virus whenever it appears. It doesn’t want the scan process for detecting and removing the malware from your device. When the user downloads any file; the real-time protection feature inspects the file for any harmful viruses. If the file is malicious then Malwarebytes won’t open it or install it. This antivirus also provides security for flash drives. When you insert a flash drive or CD on the system; Malwarebytes scans it before loading. It loads only secure files on your system.

Advanced VPN 

If you want VPN protection on your system then you can go for the Premium & Privacy Malwarebytes plan on your system. When you use the VPN tool, it can secure your system on an unsecured network. Hackers create fake access points near the cafe, hotels, or libraries with a similar name. When you use the access point to use the internet; hackers enter the system and steal your data. The cybercriminal can monitor your device activity, browsing history and can also steal funds. Using an unsecured network can harm the security. When you enable Malwarebytes VPN, it creates a personal network for the device. You can hide your system from cybercriminals. VPN will mask the current location and set it to another place. When you send any data, VPN sends the outgoing data packets inside a secure channel. You can use this tool for steaming the data such as movies, videos, games etc which are not available in the current location. 

Device optimization

Your Malwarebytes antivirus setup also takes care of the system. If regularly checks the device’s condition. Whenever the free RAM or disk space is low; fix malwarebytes windows 10 notifies the user of the action. Using Malwarebytes will keep your system safe and robust.



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