Why My Property Finder Is Better Than Yours?

Why My Property Finder Is Better Than Yours?

Purchasing a home is a huge financial commitment, so finding the right property finder that can guide you through the process holds crucial importance. Any dedicated property finder agent can help home-buyers find properties that suit their needs, aid in communications and facilitate the closing process.

Real estate is one of the most profitable careers in the UAE. Numerous agents and brokers are helping to complete millions of transactions, engineers designing world-famous structures, and developers churning out one project after the other. Therefore, being a real estate agent in Dubai is not a piece of cake and finding the right ones can be an overwhelming process. Meanwhile, it takes a certain level of passion, obligation and hard work to stand out in a crowd and make a mark in the accentuating property market of the emirate. Whether you’re looking to sell, lease or explore properties for sale in Dubai, the benefits of hiring a good estate agent in the emirate are plentiful.

Qualities My Property Finder Has

While you can find thousands of real estate agents in Dubai, there are some that truly stand out. These are the agents who add value to their clients, cater to their needs, deliver that and close deals. I am lucky enough to find the right one. So, what sets my agent apart? Is he simply lucky? No. Instead, he has mastered certain skills that have helped him rise to the top. Now, here I am going to explain some reasons as to why I think that my real estate agent is better than yours.

Market Knowledge

One of the most significant skills for any property finder is market knowledge. You wouldn’t prefer to buy a car from a dealer who isn’t knowledgeable about their clients and competitors. The same goes for real estate agents: Property finders need to know the markets to be successful. It’s important for them to know about the neighborhood and the last transaction prices. They should also set realistic expectations for their clients. The presence of all these qualities makes my property finder successful.

My agent has in-depth knowledge about the area and knows every nook and cranny within the community of focus. Also, he is aware of all the rules and regulations about the buying and selling process. As most of the clients including me are unaware of these rules, so he is that one that guides me throughout the whole process.

Communication Skills

Top real estate brokers negotiate openly and exhibit integrity. So, what makes my property finder better than yours is that he has very strong communication skills. He exactly knows what I am looking for (both in a property and an agent), outlines the entire purchase process and provides me with current market data. During my first interactions with him, he asked me relevant questions and listened actively to all my specifications, requirements, and concerns, which is one of the best qualities for real estate agents.

Demonstrating Integrity

A significant part of the licensing process for property finders in Dubai is integrity, honesty and acting as a fiduciary for your clients. All of these are skills that every property finder must possess. The successful agents who produce consistently are the ones who demonstrate integrity and mine has mastered this skill.

It is certain that being dishonest can affect the reputation and career of the agents. As my property finder has this top skill, he is getting more referrals, repeat business and widen the network of agents who want to work with him.


Another essential quality for a successful real estate agent, nearly tied with integrity, is ethics. My broker would guard my rights and interests and reveal the information he knows to me. An important part of ethics is due conscientiousness – which is making sure he does not do anything that could cause me to suffer financial loss. That is why taking ethics and due diligence utterly is amongst the essential skills for real estate agents.


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